Careers and Funding Opportunities in the Peace and Conflict Field

Careers and Funding

The following lists include useful resources for those wishing to do further study or work in the fields of conflict, peace, and governance. Information is provided on degree programs, job opportunities, and funding opportunities for organizations seeking to pursue governance projects. If you know of (or want to advertise) additional opportunities, please let us know.

For Students / Recent Graduates

Resources and opportunities for university students and recent graduates, including information for specific majors and broader classifications.

For Professionals

Sites that offer resources and opportunities for professionals, from foreign policy to conflict resolution.

Grant-Writing and Proposals

Resources and guides for writing grants and proposals.

NGO Opportunities

Resources and opportunities in the NGO sector; includes advice from insiders and helpful search sites.

IGO Opportunities

Resources and opportunities in the intergovernmental sector; includes official job and recruitment sites for major IGOs.

Government Opportunities

Resources and opportunities in government; includes US and foreign government job openings.


Sponsored Program Information Network (SPIN) Search and Community of Science (COS) are search systems that provide comprehensive access to a broad range of funding opportunities. Also available is information about scholarships and fellowships. These systems are generally best accessed through some large institution like a university that covers the substantial subscription costs.

In addition to providing information about sources of direct financial support, these systems can also serve as a starting point for finding out who's doing governance work by "following the money." Start by looking for organizations funding particular types of projects. Next, go to the websites for those funders and find out the names of the projects that they have funded. Then, Google those projects and you'll find out a lot about who is actually doing work. If you're looking for jobs or a career, these are the kinds of organizations that you might want to approach.