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Since early April, we have been corresponding with many people about the need for better conflict handling strategies to address COVID-19, and then after George Floyd's death, racism as well.  We decided to compile this correspondence in a blog—now called the Constructive Conflict Initiative Blog.  The original Blog Introduction explained our thinking back in April about how the principles of the Constructive Conflict Initiative applied to the COVID-19 challenge and what, in particular, we need to focus on now.  But now that the blog has been around awhile, we wanted to let readers jump right in without having to wade through a long introduction. If you want more information about what this is and where it is going, however, please read the longer CCI Blog Introduction.

We hope you will read at least some of what we have assembed so far, and then consider sharing your ideas too—a few sentences to several pages about any of the conflicts that are raging around us right now, and how we might address them more constructively. We are also interested in hearing about things that people are doing to help address any of these issues and links to books and articles that offer helpful insights.

You might also be interested in our Constructive Conflict Massive Open Online Seminar with its more extensive blog which includes additional BI content as well as links to the activities of our conflict and peacebuilding colleagues and articles exploring the larger context surrounding today's big conflicts.

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