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Before we spent too much time developing the Massively Parallel Peacebuilding strategies and actions, we wanted to share our thoughts on how this approach might be used to address what we see as a growing crisis in the United States--one that we (and many others) are calling the "Authoritarian Populism Problem."  Others might call it the "Donald Trump problem," but it is much more than the problem of one man.  It is the problem of what led so many people to support him (and what causes so many to still do so). Similar movements are being seen in other developed democracies--so it is not just Donal Trump, but it is a deep threat to democracy world-wide, so it deserves considerable attention.

We will be exploring many of these ideas more over time, but initially we have two Frontiers Seminars examining this issue.  The first examines the nature of the problem, and the second just scrapes the surface on what can be done to address these issues.

  • Frontiers Seminar 7 Using MPP to Understand the Authoritarian Populism Problem -- This seminar, comprised of 8 short videos, examines the nature of the problem, explaining that it is not a simple "us-versus-them" as it is so often framed. It actually is a whole complex of issues inter-woven with each other.  If there is a real us-versus them conflict in this situation, it is the conflict between the would-be authoritarians and plutocrats versus "ordinary citizens" and supporters of democracy and rule of law. But even that is too simple an explanation of what's going on--these videos dig into these issues.
  • Frontiers Seminar 8 MPP-based Strategies for Addressing the Authoritarian Populism Problem -- This seminar begins to consider MPP actions that could be taken by address the authoritarian populism problem.  In the first five videos, Guy lays out a few ideas very quickly for addressing each of the challenges we have listed in the MPP "Action List."  The other videos are ones that Heidi needed to create for a class she was teaching, but they also illustrate individual actions that can be taken to address authoritarian populism, so we put these in here too.