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The MOOS is an online exploration of the tough challenges raised by the
Constructive Conflict Initiative 

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  • Organizations Transforming Polarization & Division -- A categorized list, compiled by Columbia University scholars, of governmental and nongovernmental organizations in media, arts, technology, and education working in the U.S. to bridge our many divides. #mbi_colleague --
  • The Case Against Partisan Bigotry -- For a time when many have joined the fight against bigotry, a plea to extend that concept across partisan lines and to stop dehumanizing our political opponents. #mbi_context --
  • What We Mean When We Talk About “Unity” -- An eloquent explanation of how unity is distinct from bipartisanship and why a unified defense of democracy is something worth fighting for. #mbi_context --
  • Are We One Country or Two? A Conversation about Reconciliation with David Blight -- What does civil war history tell us about our partisan divides of today? Historian David Blight says we have a lot to learn from looking at the past. #mbi_colleague --
  • The Coming Technology Boom -- Politics is grim but science is working. -- A hopeful look at some of the promising new technologies that might help us solve our many problems – if only we could get beyond our political dysfunction. #mbi_context --
  • Millions of Conversations Newsletter -- A tip from MoC's "Pledge to Listen" series, together with a link to their highly useful "Listening Guide" #mbi_colleague --
  • Envisioning -- You can't get to where you want to go, if you don't know where it is. So how can you get to a desired future, if you don't know what that future looks like? #mbi_fundamentals --
  • A Texas grocery store lost power and let people leave without paying. Shoppers paid it forward.  -- One of the many things that Texans did to help one another. We need more stories like this to put the stories about the things that went wrong in perspective. #mbi_context --
  • The Way Out of America’s Zero-Sum Thinking on Race and Wealth -- An introductory article by the author of an important new book on a less divisive and more effective strategy for fighting gross economic injustice. #mbi_context --
  • Positive Thinking -- Giving "the other" the benefit of the doubt most of the time will lead to better outcomes for everyone. #mbi_cci --
  • Evolution of a Field: Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution -- Personal histories of 23 highly experienced mediators, reflecting on their backgrounds, work, inspirations, and challenges. #mbi_colleague --
  • A Plague on Both Our Houses -- A surprisingly convincing argument that COVID was accidentally released from a civilian/military anti-viral lab. Controlling this technology is as important as controlling nuclear weapons! #mbi_context --
  • How to quash the resentments that cleave us -- A summary of a promising strategy for overcoming economic injustice and the resentments it fuels (while also addressing climate change). #mbi_context --
  • Otto Scharmer on the four levels of listening -- Generative listening goes beyond empathetic listening to foster new ideas formed between the speaker and the listener. #mbi_colleague --
  • Conflict Styles -- Competition, collaboration, compromise, avoidance, and accommodation all have costs and benefits. Know which is best when! #mbi_fundamentals --
  • Is All Inequality Unjust? -- A hard look at the strengths and weaknesses of the different ways that people are now thinking about injustice and inequality. #mbi_context --
  • The Power of Communities in Uncertain Times Part 2 -- A sense of belonging and purpose, generative conversations, and power-with instead of power over are all tools to build resilient, thriving communities. #mbi_colleague --
  • Can Biden Save Americans Like My Old Pal Mike? -- This is a good way to think about public policy challenges. Start with someone you know whose life has been upended by events and work out from there. #mbi_context #mbi_context --
  • Can Free Speech Survive the Internet? -- More food for thought on one of the most consequential questions of our time – the future of free speech. #mbi_context --
  • Cultural Lag -- Today's culture wars are largely attributable to the fact that the different generations adapted their beliefs to very different social conditions. #mbi_fundamentals --
  • George Floyd: How far have African Americans come since the 1960s? -- An informative statistical look at how the lives of African-Americans have and haven't improved in the decades following the 1965 Civil Rights Act. #mbi_context --
  • Constructive Conflict Initiative Video -- Based on the Constructive Conflict Initiative, a 45 min. video that explains to students and others concerned about the world's many problems why the conflict threat is as serious as climate change and what they can do to help address it. #mbi_cci --
  • The Power of Communities in Uncertain Times Part 1 -- The power of communities — people coming together around a shared vision, passion, and purpose — can transform the world and take us toward an anti-fragile, resilient, and regenerative future. #mbi_colleague --
  • Barely Anyone Believes In QAnon’s Conspiracy Theories -- A persuasive argument that we are over reading the statistics and demonizing far too many people as irrational QAnon adherents. #mbi_context --
  • The Doublethinkers -- From Natan Sharansky, a look at what it's like to live in a society where the powerful are able to enforce a self-serving narrative on the larger population. #mbi_context --