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The MOOS is an online exploration of the tough challenges raised by the
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  • World Happiness Report 2020 -- A report on an effort to understand and quantify the intangible quality-of-life factors that really matter and should play a bigger role in policy. #mbi_colleague --
  • The Woke Future -- Imagine a West where liberal ideals have shriveled away. Could a "successor ideology" be taking over? #mbi_context --
  • What Happens When We Have an Election That Both Sides Absolutely Positively Can't Afford to Lose? -- We just had an election that both sides felt they couldn't lose. Now, our ability to reunify the US depends upon overcoming misinformation and assuring Republicans that, even in defeat, their vital interests be still be protected. #mbi_cci --
  • Trump Ignites a War Within the Church -- A report on a critically important "does the ends justify the means" conflict that has erupted among President Trump's evangelical supporters. #mbi_context --
  • How to Democracy -- Your guide to public participation during an unprecedented hybrid legislative session. -- From Montana, a hopeful story about how, amid the pandemic, Zoom can be used to expand involvement in state-level politics. #mbi_colleague --
  • QAnon Woke Up the Real Deep State -- Sound advice for anyone contemplating crossing the line between nonviolent protest and direct attacks upon the US government and the rule of law. #mbi_context --
  • Mavis Staples - Eyes on the prize -- For Martin Luther King day, a moving reminder of what he was up against and what he was able to accomplish. --
  • Power Strategy Mix -- We need to remember that, in many ways, coercion is the weakest form of power. It generates a terrible and often counterproductive backlash. The real key to sustainable change is persuasion and exchange. #mbi_cci --
  • Shamil Idriss: America’s Hard Path Forward -- We must address extremist groups' grievances, while standing firm against their extreme actions. By focusing on commonalities, as well as differences, we can find a path forward. #mbi_colleague --
  • Overreaction Won’t Help Anyone -- Amid our rapidly escalating political confrontations, a reminder that, wherever possible, we need to ratchet tensions down, not up. #mbi_context --
  • Peacebuilding in Community Colleges: A Teaching Resource -- A first-of-its-kind volume for community colleges seeking to develop innovative and engaging peacebuilding and conflict resolution programs. #mbi_colleague --
  • Dehumanization in Politics -- As outrage on all sides continues to intensify, we need to find more effective ways of resisting the dehumanization that threatens more violence. #mbi_cci --
  • Engaging Narratives for Peace -- An effort to understand and apply to peacebuilding work the surprisingly complex narratives that guide our conflict interactions. #mbi_colleague --
  • Making policy for a low-trust world -- Timely advice for a world in which we have lots of problems to solve and very little trust in those who must solve them. #mbi_context --
  • Have Trump’s Lies Wrecked Free Speech? -- We need a way to combat fake facts and disinformation that does not destroy the free and good faith of exchange of ideas that democracy requires. #mbi_context --
  • Center for Global Peace Journalism -- For a world in which almost all of what we know about today's big conflicts comes through the media, peace journalism is of critical importance. #mbi_colleague --
  • Fighting Today's Oppression, Not Yesterday's Oppression -- A reminder that, amid today's racially-focused acrimony, we must find a way to work together to combat new types of 21st-century injustice. #mbi_cci --
  • Poll: 62% of Americans Say They Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share -- We will never be able to solve our problems unless we can find a way to honestly talk through the issues that divide us. #mbi_context --
  • Voters Say Those on the Other Side ‘Don’t Get’ Them. Here’s What They Want Them To Know -- For those who don't really have an opportunity to reach out to the other side, an excellent summary of the big things we want each other to hear. #mbi_context --
  • Liberalism and Its Discontents -- From Francis Fukuyama, a first-rate analysis of the many challenges facing "liberalism" and ideas for meeting them. #mbi_context --
  • The Blood-Boiling Trap -- For a time when there are lots of things that, for good reason, make us furious, a reminder that too much anger can be a trap. #mbi_cci --
  • Urban Rural Action -- Working across one of our big political fault lines, Urban Rural Action promotes collaborative efforts to address challenges faced by all communities. #mbi_colleague --
  • Courage Studies -- A genuinely interesting idea, "courage studies" -- an inquiry into how we could reduce barriers to doing hard, but critically important, things. #mbi_context --
  • ACLED US Crisis Monitor -- From the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project, an impressive and useful collection of data on dangerous conflicts in the US and worldwide. #mbi_colleague --
  • Chip Hauss - On Coups and Reconciliation -- The U.S. desperately needs reconciliation at a time when it is going to be especially difficult for us to reconcile. #mbi_frontiers --