CRInfo and Beyond Intractability


First we want to thank all of our funders, without whom our work on these websites could not have occurred. They include:

  • William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
    We are extremely grateful to the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation for providing the vast bulk of the funding that made CRInfo and Beyond Intractability possible. Their support for the Consortium from 1988-2003 enabled our program to develop both its expertise in intractable conflicts and online knowledgebase systems.
  • One Earth Future Foundation
    The Consortium is also grateful for financial support and the opportunity to work in partnership with One Earth Future (OEF) during 2010-11 to develop two "next-generation" systems -- The Governance Commons and the (then) New Beyond Intractability. 
  • JAMS Foundation
    Generous support from the JAMS Foundation in 2012 enabled the Consortium to implement major upgrades to the CRInfo project.
  • Anonymous Donors - We have had one anonymous donor who donated $25,000 to Beyond Intractability.  We still do not know who this was, but you know who you are...and we want to gratefully acknowledge your gift which have been very helpful.
  • Beyond Intractability Community
    We continue to be appreciative of and dependent upon the generosity of Beyond Intractability's community of contributors and users. Their financial and in-kind support is essential to the continued success of the project.

Authors and Contributors

Secondly, we want to thank all the CRInfo and BI contributors.  We have received materials and/or interviews from hundreds of scholars and practitioners. Included are the many authors of Beyond Intractability / CRInfo material, as well as the more than 70 Beyond Intractability interviewees who contributed their insights.  

Web Designers

We have had several web designers over the years, including (in addition to Guy Burgess), Rafael Salomon, Michael Torley, and Heather Gardner-Madras. Without Rafael and Mike, BI might not exist at all.  Heather helped us greatly update and improve the site, and Guy has done extensive design and programming work to keep it going as most of the time we have not had the funds to have full (or even part-time) web developers.


Heidi Burgess, Ph.D. and Guy Burgess, Ph.D. Project Directors 
The Beyond Intractability and CRInfo projects have been co-directed by Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess, who are also (as of Dec. 2016) the sole authors of the core posts in the Moving Beyond Intractability Massive Open Online Seminar (MBI-MOOS).  The Burgesses are also co-directors of the Conflict Information Consortium, which they founded (with others) at the University of Colorado in 1988.  As a team, the Burgesses have been doing research, writing, and teaching on intractable conflicts for about twenty-five years, with an emphasis on international, inter-group, value-based, and environmental conflicts. They have also been leaders in the field of Internet dissemination of conflict resolution information, having designed and co-directed not only CRInfo and Beyond Intractability, but also the Online Training Program on Intractable Conflicts and the Civil Rights Mediation Oral History Project before their current project, the MBI-MOOS.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Many graduate and undergraduate students have helped us develop the content knowledge base. Most have been at the University of Colorado, but many students from the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame University, the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, and the Conflict Resolution and International Studies programs at the University of Denver have also contributed work. The Notre Dame, George Mason, and University of Denver students are listed in the authors section. University of Colorado graduate student assistants have included:

  • Jennifer Akin - Computational Linguistics, University of Colorado
  • Philip Barker - Political Science, University of Colorado
  • Eric Brahm - Political Science, University of Colorado
  • Daniel Cer - Computer Science, University of Colorado
  • Rob Gardner - Sociology, University of Colorado
  • Michelle Maiese - Philosophy, University of Colorado
  • Sandra Marker - Sociology, University of Colorado
  • Karen McKenna - International Studies, University of Colorado, (BA) International Studies, University of Denver (MA)
  • Julian Ouellet - Political Science, University of Colorado
  • Julian Portilla - Julian has a Master's Degree from the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University; he has worked as an interviewer and audio producer on this project
  • Norman Schultz - Philosophy, University of Colorado
  • Michael Shane Smith - Political Science, University of Colorado
  • Brad Spangler - Anthropology, University of Colorado
  • Michael Torley - Religious Studies, University of Denver (Mike also was also our staff programmer for many years and single-handedly built the first drupal-based version of BI.)

Undergraduate student assistants have included:

  • Randi Abels - English, University of Colorado
  • Sabra Anckner - Sociology, University of Colorado
  • Lauren Bader - International Studies, University of Colorado
  • Sarah Cast - University of Colorado, Political Science, University of Colorado
  • Ashley Faoliu - Psychology, University of Colorado
  • Karen Forster - Accounting, University of Colorado
  • Kristin Hamada - Political Science and Psychology, University of Colorado
  • William Herrera - Accounting, University of Colorado
  • Stefanie Herrington - Political Science, University of Colorado
  • Julie Jarvis - Political Science, University of Colorado
  • Caitlin Kaufman, International Studies, University of Colorado
  • April Lipinski - Anthropology, University of Colorado
  • Cate Malek - Journalism and American Studies, University of Colorado
  • Alexandra Malkin - Environmental Studies, University of Colorado
  • Jessica Martel - English, University of Colorado
  • Scott Mefferd - Computer Science, University of Colorado
  • Ashleigh Mayer - Psychology and Sociology, University of Colorado
  • Erin McGovern - Russian Studies, University of Colorado
  • Corissa Peterson - Philosophy, University of Colorado 
  • Audrey Roberts - Anthropology, University of Colorado
  • Audrey Royem - International Affairs, University of Colorado
  • Katie Schroeder - Psychology, University of Colorado
  • Lucy Selzer - International Affairs, University of Colorado
  • Rafael Salomon - Computer Science, University of Colorado
  • Courtney Wagner - Accounting, University of Colorado
  • Vicki Wei - International Affairs, University of Colorado
  • Malinda Withers - International Affairs, University of Colorado

Moving Beyond Intractability


The Conflict Transformation Project.  CTP gave us two grants: one to help get the Moving Beyond Intractability project off the ground, and the other to hire a web designer who is helping us update the look and feel and improve the navigation of our sites.  Both grants have proven to be very valuable! 


So far Heidi Burgess and Guy Burgess are the sole authors of MBI materials, although we have drawn from (in the Conflict Fundamentals Seminar particularly) Beyond Intractability materials that have been written by many other people. However, the Conflict Frontiers Seminar, and all the blogs, with the exception of the Conflict Fundamentals Blog, have been written by the Burgesses, as have the "Current Implications" sections of the Conflict Fundamentals essays.

Web Designers

The first MBI page was designed by Guy Burgess, but Guy worked with Heather Gardner-Madras on the revised (Sept. 2017) site design for both BI/CRInfo and MBI.  We think the result is great--Thanks, Heather!!

Student Assistants

Two students were integral to our success in launching and revising Moving Beyond Intractability: Corissa Petersen and Ashley Faoliu.  Thanks to both of you--this site would not have happened without you!  Summer Taylor has been helping us maintain and grow MBI after Ashley and Corissa graduated.