Misuse of the Press

Bob Ensley

CRS Mediator, Atlanta Office

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Question: You suggested she was using the media in a way that you felt was not appropriate. Did you have other experiences where people would maybe make statements to the press that you thought weren't a good idea?

Answer: Oh yeah, we had some people that were involved in a movement that would use the press to give misleading wrong signals to the opposing groups and everything.

Question: In this case?

Answer: No not in this case, but in some other cases. I would take exception to that, because I think what is reported should be as honest and as factual as can be -- it shouldn't be used for personal reasons, to sabotage, to draw people into something unnecessarily or without having actual knowledge of why they're getting involved or having them react to something that's not true. I don't approve of those tactics. But some young media people fall for that, and then people are victimized as a result of it.