Extremists / Spoilers

Why Do Some People Become Spoilers?

Peter Coleman explains why some advocates may become "spoilers."
Terrence Lyons talks about the roles that diaspora populations can play both as spoilers and as dialogue participants.
Steve Power talks about how the parties likely to lose from a peaceful settlement between Ossetia and Georgia are spoiling the peace process.
Dennis Sandole explains that transitions between paradigms is very difficult and is often fraught with an upsurge in violence.

What Can Be Done to Address the Spoiler Problem?

William Steubner suggests that even after has a conflict has become ripe for negotiations, it may be difficult to "sell" to conflict profiteers or spoilers.
Larry Susskind talks about how to deal with spoilers during the convening process.
Frank Dukes talks about dealing with spoilers in mediation.
Brad Hayes talks about ways to deal with potential spoilers in development projects.