Mediator Bob Ensley noted that some people twist facts to their benefit for the press, which, if it publishes them, victimizes the other side.

Nancy Ferrell describes CRS rumor control teams.

ICRS Mediator Stephen Thom describes how some parties can help the mediator more than others.

MediatorRobert Hughes said that people frequently disputed the other side's "facts," but he explained that it was important that each side understand the other side's "perceptions."

ICRS Mediator Stephen Thom describes collecting information about a conflict by becoming a "sponge."

Nancy Ferrell discusses her techniques for dealing with very emotionally-charged mediation situations.

Mediator Silke Hansen describes how she gained the parties' trust by serving as a one-person rumor control team.

Mediator Edward Howden brought in outside experts to help resolve factual disagreements in a water dispute.

MediatorRobert Hughes reports that one aspect of an agreement after a police shooting incident was the formation of a fact-finding team.

Sometimes people remember facts differently, or don't remember facts at all, CRS Mediator Ernest Jones observed.

Mediator Manuel Salinas describes CRS rumor control teams.