Modeling Approach

Nancy Ferrell

Former CRS Mediator, Dallas Office; Private Mediator and Trainer

Interviewed by Julian Portilla, 2003

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One of the most satisfying things I hear is when I've done a training conference in conflict resolution and one of the responses I get from participants that has been encouraging and affirming to me is that you model what you teach, and I've never seen that so clearly. And that's a real affirmation of my commitment to, this is a life skill, is that as I teach the skills the participants are able to experience that from me and experience what it feels like to be honored, even in a state of difference, what it feels like to be honored for what you have to say regardless of whether I agree with you or not. And for me to be the one that manages the participants, in a way, that they can differ with each other and still feel whole.}} {{ Interview Segments|1|Ashley|2|6/28/2016|3|NOTES|4| audiodisplay/monitoring-of-agreements-audio|5| Monitoring of Agreements|6|