Adeeb Yousif

Adeeb Yousif hails from the village of Juldo in Darfur-Sudan, and for over 14 years has worked with grassroots and social justice movements throughout the country in trying to alleviate the plight of individuals from what he describes as "unfortunate circumstances". In April 2001, he co-founded the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO), a human rights, humanitarian relief, and development NGO that he hoped would complement the efforts of the other stakeholders working in the region. Adeeb is currently working on his Ph.D. at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, as well as being the General Manager of the Darfur Reconciliation and Development Organization (DRDO); both endeavors would enable him "continue to dedicate his life to the peace, social justice, humanitarian and human rights struggle to end the conflict and genocide in Darfur" in a peaceful means.