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About the Knowledge Base

The newly-combined CRInfo and Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base contains 1000s of pages of material on the nature of and ways of constructively addressing both "regular," negotiable conflicts, and highly challenging intractable conflicts.  The knowledge base was begun in 2000 and has been growing ever since.  It now has theoretical and practical articles and case studies written by over 400 academic and practical experts, along with about 70 audio interviews of leading conflict resolution scholars and practitioners, key book and article summaries, practitioner profiles and personal reflections of peacebuilders. All of this material is browsable (by topic category or type of information) and searchable.

The knowledge base does not advocate or teach one particular approach. Rather, it provides access to information on many approaches which can then be adapted to many different situations. Our goal is to give people new ideas to think about and new hope. As a free Internet service, BI provides information that is much more affordable and accessible than traditional training programs or hard-to-find books. BI is also constantly growing and changing, making the breadth, depth, and potential of the peacebuilding field more clearly visible.  

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