Fundamentals Seminar 11: Procedural Problems/Solutions

This seminar relates to Conflict Frontiers Massively Parallel Peacebuilding (MPP) Challenge 2.

Sometimes people are more upset about unfair procedures than they are about outcomes--or at least they are upset about both.  If procedural problems can be avoided or corrected, this makes disappointing outcomes easier to accept.

  • Principles of Justice and Fairness -- It's common sense that justice is central to any well-functioning society. However, the question of what justice is and how to achieve it are more difficult matters. This essay begins to explore the conundrum.
  • Procedural problems - not yet written - maybe procedural justice does it though.
  • Procedural justice  -- Procedural justice describes approaches that define justice not by a fair outcome but by a fair process.
  • Rule of Law -- Particularly since the end of the Cold War, the rule of law has increasingly been recognized as an important aspect of international conflict resolution and post-conflict peace building. Similarly, the absence of the rule of law is often implicated as a source of violence, human rights violations, and intractability.