Infographic: The Quest for Total Victory is a Recipe for Continuing Strife

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When conflicts get highly escalated, there is a tendency to pursue total victory with the assumption that the other side will either completely capitulate or somehow disappear.  Neither outcome is likely, however.  The other side(s) are much more likely to dig in to their positions in response and develop increasing animosity or even hatred in response to harms inflicted.  Then, when the opportunity arises, they are likely to rise up in an effort to overpower their attackers and try to win total victory for themselves. 

A far better alternative for everyone is to assume they are going to have to learn to live together and to work together to figure out how to do that.  Both co-existence, and the less robust approach of tolerance are options to consider.  Two essays that explain the difference between "coexistence" and "tolerance" and one short "Things YOU can do to help" post showing how everyone can and should put these ideas into practice are linked below.

Knowledge Base Essay on Coexistence
In a state of coexistence, the parties agree to respect each other's differences and resolve their conflicts nonviolently.

Knowledge Base Essay on Tolerance
Tolerance is the appreciation of diversity and the ability to live and let others live.  It is showing respect for the essential humanity in every person.

Things YOU Can Do to Help: Seek Co-existence, Not Total Victory
In 2018 more people seem to want to win than want to co-exist, but winning at all costs in intractable conflicts often means everyone loses.

All Infographics - A set of very short statements that try to emphasize key conflict resolution principles, which, if followed, would make a lot of intractable conflicts much better.


Infographic Text
The quest for total victory is
a recipe for continuing and
deepening strife.
Coexistence offers a path
to a peaceful future.