Colleague Activities

We are always looking for people doing interesting, intractable conflict-related projects to feature on our Colleague Activities Blog. See the Blog Homepage for information on how to submit your work.

  • Citizens' Assemblies: Democracy that Works
    A description of a new form of democracy in which a randomly selected group of citizens does an in-depth analysis of an issue, evaluates possible solutions, and then makes an informed decision.
  • Rise of American Radicalism: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
    A Renew America Foundation study of extremist candidates running for public office in 2022.
  • National Conference on Citizenship's Civic Health Index
    NCoC has created an index of civic health, while simultaneously working with local partners to strengthen the health of communities nationwide to better define and address local problems.
  • National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR)
    An association dedicated to structural election reforms that advance the public's interest in robust political competition and a level playing field.
  • Livingroom Conversations Resources
    We've highlighted LRC before, but haven't focused on their excellent resources for the times we get together with family and friends.
  • Crossing the Divide
    A set of videos highlighting "incredible individuals" who are pioneering new ways to connect with those on opposing sides in the world's "most intense religious, political, and societal conflicts."
  • Braver Angels Media
    Braver Angels' work is about building civic trust in the USA, healing the wounds between left and right.  This video series highlights the stories of the people doing this work.
  • Establishing Conversation Norms and Defusing Conflict
    The key to any productive public, civil conversation is ensuring all participants follow a set of expectations and norms. Here's a suggested list of norms to follow.
  • What’s your ‘red line’? | Jonathan Haidt with Mónica Guzmán
    Does engaging bad ideas across the divide make you a bad person? Renowned psychologist and author Jonathan Haidt talks with Monica Guzman in this Braver Angels video.
  • Restoring the Guardrails of Democracy
    This initiative brings together America’s leading constitutional scholars and thought leaders of diverse perspectives to identify reforms that could preserve the institutional guardrails on which democracy depends.
  • Confronting Controversial Issues in the Classroom
    Discussions of controversial issues are frequently prescribed by theorists, professors, and civic organizations, but most school systems are reluctant. Here's how to do it well.
  • National Issues Forum's Issue Guides
    On policing, elections, COVID vaccines, immigration, and lots of other controversial issues.
  • Constructive Dialogue Institute
    CDI seeks to repair our civic culture by spreading the practices of curiosity, critical thinking, and constructive dialogue across our nation’s education systems and workplaces.
  • Compassionate Humanity Community
    An emerging network of people working to build movements dedicated to serving humanity, the environment, and life. Reducing conflict and fostering collaboration are tools advocated to achieve these goals.
  • More in Common
    More in Common works on both short and longer term initiatives to understand and address the underlying drivers of fracturing and polarization, and build more united, resilient and inclusive societies.
  • The “End” Of Neutrality: Tumultuous Times Require A Deeper Value
    Working to understand, test, and disseminate innovations that can make democracy more participatory, equitable, and productive with a focus on scale, redesign of the civic infrastructure, and measurement.
  • American Bar Association's Corerstones of Democracy Conversations Guide
    The cornerstones are civics, civility, and collaboration, and this conversation guide helps lawyers (and others) as they work to strengthen all three.
  • Building Bridges Without a Foundation for Peace Won’t Work
    An article comparing different bridge-building strategies and the goals of negative peace versus positive peace. Just getting people to "talk nicely" isn't nearly enough to solve our problems.
  • America's Divided Mind
    New insights from Beyond Conflict about how polarization is fueled by Americans’ misperceptions about each other, and how we can start to reverse it.
  • All Sides
    AllSides is a media solutions company that strengthens our democratic society with balanced news, media bias ratings, diverse perspectives, and real conversation.
  • The Flip Side
    Sharing thoughtful news stories from the left, right, and middle on a variety of issues--emailed once per day.
  • We are Not Divided: Reasons to Be Cheerful Project
    A good news media outlook posting stories about people using collaboration and other conflict resolution strategies to come together to solve problems.
  • Urban Rural Action
    UR Action brings together Americans across divides to tackle our nation's most urgent challenges. They focus on building relationships by solving problems together in all 50 states.
  • Applying Regenerative Practice to Systems Beyond Place -- Some Thoughts
    Describing regenerative practitioners who support change-makers by adapting principles of living systems to revive and evolve the places and the systems they are working with
  • Congress is polarized. Fear of being ‘primaried’ is one reason.
    Unite America's Richard Barton writes about his research on incumbents, primary challengers, and how congressional gridlock is often the outcome.