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Newsletter # 26 --  Apr. 18, 2019

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Site Redesign and the Constructive Conflict Statement:

We apologize for the long delay between newsletters.  We have been working on a site redesign, which we recently posted, along with a set of new materials which we think better highlight why intractable conflicts are so important, how they are being ignored, and what we regard as a promising and realistic new strategy for doing something about it. 

While Beyond Intractability has long been focused on these topics, we thought that, in these increasingly turbulent and dangerous times, it would be helpful to more clearly highlight the nature of the intractable conflict challenge (and the purpose of our website) on the homepage. So the new home page leads with three simple statements--each connected to a short essay:

These ideas also form the core of what we are calling the "Constructive Conflict Statement." which we are beginning to circulate for comments and suggestions.  We are hoping to strengthen the statement and then send it out in the hopes of attaining many (100s or perhaps even 1000s) of co-signers.  We will then seek to publicize the statement as widely as possible, in an effort to get much more attention paid to the trap people around the world are falling into --in respect to destructive intractable conflicts.

Currently, the Constructive Conflict Statement  is explained in a series of four interrelated documents:

  • Invitation to Participate --  A quick overview of the idea with an explanation of the many different ways in which one can get involved. Our goal is to foster a broadly collaborative effort that that would encourage and strengthen a wide range of efforts to promote more constructive approaches to conflict.  
  • Statement Summary -- An abridged two-page "executive summary" for those who want a quick overview of the main ideas.
  • The full Constructive Conflict Statement -- A complete (9 page) explanation of all of the key points that we are trying to raise with the Statement.
  • Moving Beyond Intractability Annotated Version of the Full Statement that goes into detail on the many complex issues that were raising by linking to applicable materials from the Moving Beyond Intractability and the underlying Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base.

Please check out at least the invitation and/or the statement summary (or the full statement if you have the time), and let us know what you think -- either privately or publically on our discussion board.

As is true for all the other MBI discussions, we require discussion participants here to sign up for a free user name and password, which helps us weed out bots, spammers, and other destructive participants. The sign up is not automated, so while we will make every effort to respond to your request for a username and password quickly, it will not be instantaneous. 

In addition to giving us ideas for strengthening the statement, please let us know if you would be willing --in principle-- to be a signatory to the final statement.  (We realize that we can't ask folks to sign something that will change, but if you are in general agreement, please let us know, and we will send you the revised statement, asking for your "official endorsement" as soon as it is ready.)  Also, please let us know about any related, ongoing efforts that pursue complementary goals, as well as any other ideas you might have improving the way in which society handles difficult conflicts.

We want to emphasize that we do not see the Constructive Conflict Statement as just a Beyond Intractability project. Rather, it is an effort to help to catalyze a much more broadly-based effort to dramatically expand efforts to address intractable conflict-related problems. Its success depends on the willingness of people to get involved. 

Other Site Changes

In addition to the changes to the home page, we have also restructured the Conflict Frontiers Seminar and are in the process of restructuring the Conflict Fundamentals Seminar.  Both seminars were getting pretty long and unwieldily, so we have changed what had been referred to as "units" to individual seminars within the over-arching Conflict Frontiers Seminar, and we have added related materials from the Conflict Fundamentals and Things YOU Can Do to Help Blogs into each of the smaller Conflict Frontiers Seminars to supplement the videos that were created specifically for Frontiers.

We have also enlarged the Conflict Fundamentals Seminar from 8 "units" to twenty sub-seminars, and have gone ahead and populated each of those sub-seminars with existing BI Knowledge Base Posts--even if we have not yet inserted the "Current Implications" which we had been inserting for earlier Conflict Fundamentals Seminars.  We will be inserting those, as well as related materials from Frontiers and Things You Can Do in the coming months.

Select BI-In-Context Posts

We have been continuing to send out BI-in-Context Posts at the rate of one or two a day, ever since the last newsletter.  There are therefore far too many to list here.  If you are interested in seeing the full list of BI-in-Context Posts that have been sent out, go to the BI-in-Context Blog which lists them all. 

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